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Moving & Insurance Inspections & Claims

Prompt Customer Contact

We strive to make the first initial contact within 24 hours of receiving the claimant's information.  Since we are a family owned company, there are at least two of us working on establishing contact ASAP.  Not only that, but our office hours are longer than most as we work from sun up to sun down giving us the flexibility in contacting shippers, especially military members who are often unavailable during the day.


Prompt, Dependable, and Accurate Inspection and Reporting Services

We turn around our reports and photos very quickly.  Typically we have all items back to adjusters within 48 hours or less of the inspection appointment.  Since we have been performing inspections and reporting services for over 7 years, you can bet we know how important it is to be sure to include everything you need in report form.

High Quality Photos

We provide high quality photos for you in both original and resized formats.  Also, we are sure to obtain photos of any/all model and serial numbers as well as any other helpful identifying marks.

Onsite Touch Ups and Repairs

We are highly experienced and skilled in working onsite in the home.  Striving to perform repairs onsite helps speed up the process, give the shipper confidence, and allows us to charge less for repair work.

Signed Repair Releases

We always obtain sign offs for all repairs from the shippers.

Pickup, Delivery, and Third-Party Services

Yes, we do it all!  We are licensed and insured, and we are extremely careful when transporting even the most fragile items without issues.  In addition, we have built wonderful working relationships with third-party entities to ensure we are a one-stop shop for all claim needs.

Full Shop Services with Background Checks on Employees and Contractors

Yep, we screen and choose our employees and contractors carefully, and we perform background checks on all.

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